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Our company

The good eggs –
Gut Springenheide
from Germany’s Münsterland region

Think eggs is eggs? Think again. They’re neither round nor smooth. And no two are the same.

These facts have not changed since the first chapter of our history began in 1844 on a humble farm. Today, the egg is at the heart of our day-to-day work. Its incredible potential never fails to inspire us to push our artisanal skills and creativity to new heights. Our wealth of products that use everything from the yolk to the shell are a testimony to this. See for yourself.

Praline Eggs


Colourful hard-boiled Eggs

Our values

As the seeds of life, eggs are perfect by nature. It follows that we should handle them carefully and work with them responsibly. To that end, we adhere to the highest quality standards in refining our plethora of products. That is our passion and the wellspring of our values, whether we create traditional fare or trendy new products in partnership with our customers. In the process, we set store by:


The very best ingredients

Eggs are a natural product and the centrepiece of our creations. But we also use many other premium-quality ingredients – all of them sourced from reliable suppliers. Rest assured, we only purchase freshly laid eggs from partners we know and trust. After all, this forms the cornerstone of our efforts to produce our delicacies as sustainably and responsibly as possible.


Hardly a day passes without the advent of a new culinary trend. That’s why, for us, partnering with our customers to deliver diverse and surprising new culinary ideas is all in a day’s work.


It takes a great deal of experience and expertise to work with eggs. After all, bringing together the raw materials, creative ideas and technology is a delicate balancing act – but one that our entire team has mastered and takes special pride in.


The people of Westmünsterland have long enjoyed a reputation for making well thought-through plans, managing complex situations and keeping their promises. And that’s exactly our approach to business – from creating our products to cultivating relationships that often stand the test of time.


We are serious about our responsibilities and are committed to meeting our long-term, sustainable goals. As a family company, we make it our business to ensure that every one of our products is made with social, ecological and economic considerations in mind.

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